Don Pedro trout trip 6-18-2018


New Client Brian and his family were onboard with me for the day at Don Pedro on June the 18th. When he booked the trip he said there would be 6 guys and if I could accommodate them and I said sure no problem. With a 24 foot Willie boat there was plenty of room. After leaving the dock I gave some instructions, and then it was on! After setting four rods, the back port side rod doubled over and Brian went first, after a great fight and some good runs I was able to net the three plus pound rainbow. What a great way to start the day. The trip was all about Brian’s son Cullen as he just graduated from the United States Marines  boot camp. The day was filled with a lot of ribbing , Joking and laughter and especially about someone forgetting their sandwich! The day was filled with so many fish on all the time, I was very busy keeping the rods in the water. A great day was had by all. THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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Don Pedro trout trip 6-16-2018

Returning client John brought along a friend Jason for a morning of fishing at Don Pedro on Saturday June 16th. We arrived at the lake about 5:15 and headed out as soon as I readied  and launched the boat as the weekend boat traffic can be heavy. I was setting the rods and the second rod wasn’t even in the water yet as the first rod was hit, so John went first and soon we had our first fish of morning in the boat. After finally getting all four rods fishing we settled into our trolling pattern and we off to the races. Jason hadn’t been fishing in a long time, but did fine, he and john made quick work as we had a steady pick of rainbows again keeping only the ones they wanted and at one point we had a double that they both kept, and by 8:30 they had finished off their limits so we snapped a couple of photos and headed for the dock, that turned out great as there were many people just getting to the lake.  Thanks again guys for the great morning!!!!!!



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Don Pedro trout trip 6-15-2018

Returning client Dan was onboard with me and I was able to find another single angler Tony. We met at the lake and soon headed out. Tony and Dan got along great and they took turns reeling in fish only keeping the ones they wanted and by the end of the day they both had a nice limit of fish. Thanks again guys for coming out. A great day with two great guys.



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Don Pedro trout trip 6-13-2018

New clients Tom and his brother Richard hired me for the day at Don Pedro. They couldn’t make it to early so we met up at the lake at 8:00 A.M. and we headed out. I set out four rods and it wasn’t very long and we were into our first fish of the day. Richard wasn’t that steady on his feet, however he was able to stay seated and reel in his fish all day. The both of them had a busy day reeling in many fish picking and choosing the ones they wanted to keep. They ended the day keeping only five fish. A great day watching two brothers catch fish and just enjoying being out together. Thanks again guys. No photos were taken.

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Pardee trout and kokanee 6-12-2018

Returning client Pete and his friends from the Jolly hookers club were onboard with me and my friend Joe of Joe fish guide service for a day’s fishing trip. Their was supposed to be 8 guys, however they had a last-minute cancellation. Joe took three guys and myself took four. We both set out rods rigged for kokanee, after sometime, I mixed things up by adding a rod for trout and we were soon rewarded with a three-pound trout, then we lost one and ha d a quick grab that was missed. Both boats struggled to catch fish as the conditions were tough to say the least, but we gave it our best shot and both boats wound up with trout and kokanee for our anglers. WE opted for no photos. A great bunch guys and thanks a bunch!!! to all.

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Don Pedro trout and kokanee 6-9-2018

Long time returning clients Robert and Dave brought along their friend Tom. The day was supposed to be WINDY, well after launching the boat it wasn’t bad at all and it was fine for maybe 40 minutes then it became WINDY and was rocking and rolling pretty good, but we stuck it out and after a couple of hours it laid down for a couple hours. They were boating many fish and releasing the smaller fish and the great stories these guys always have were great. Did I say it was suppose to WINDY? Yes, well it came back and this time it was here to stay, however by 1:30 we were limited out with three limits of trout and kokanee. These guys are not much into photos, so there wasn’t any. SORRY A great day with great guys!!!!

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New Melones trout trip June 8th 2018

Returning client Dennis and his son Jeremy were onboard with me at New Melones on June the 8th in search of large rainbows. We ran shad on all four rods and was catching bass and crappie and one crappie was extra-large, however we tossed it back. The day was extra tough for us as we had a few strikes, but they came up empty, and by the end of the day I switched things back over to lures and finally had one on as I was putting things away, but it came off half way to the boat. Thanks again guys!!!!

IMG_2354 (1)

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Don Pedro trout trip June 7th 2018

Returning client Henry brought along his eight year old grandson Jacob for a days trip to Don Pedro. After launching the boat and heading out I set out four rods at various depths and all different colored lures. It wasn’t long at all and we had our first fish of the day on, Henry went first just so Jacob could see how it was done, after that it was Jacob the rest of the day as he loved catching fish after fish and watching many fish swim away to grow bigger. I think he got his fill of catching fish as later in the day he was napping like an eight year should and did. It was a great watching these two make memories of a life time. Thanks again you two!!!!



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New Melones trout trip June 5th 2018

New Clients Bruce and Jeff were onboard with returning client Dan at New Melones on June the 5th in search of big Rainbows. After setting four rods with shad and lures at various depths we were on our way.After catching a few bass and crappie and a small trout we continued searching. I switched over to all lures so we could cover more water, however after a couple of hours of nothing, I decided to switch all four rods back over to shad again. This would be the setup as I started seeing some very large marks on the sonar after one strike and a miss the fish went after another rod and this one stuck and Bruce grabbed the rod and the fight was on and after a great battle a five and a half pound rainbow was in the cooler, after setting the rod back with fresh shad again it was ten minutes and another rod was hit hard and Dan grabbed the rod and after a short battle a four and half pound rainbow was keeping the other rainbow in the cooler company, however this would be the last of the fish on this day. Thanks again guys for coming out!!!



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June 2nd 2018 Hogan striper trip

New clients Jon and Alvin were onboard with me on Saturday June the 2nd at Hogan reservoir. It had been sometime since I had fished the lake but we had caught fish and on this day I figured we could catch fish, as we left the dock I was watching the sonar unit in hopes of seeing some marks, but we didn’t, so I started setting the rods and after setting four rods I was not marking much at all and after an hour of nothing I decided to pick up and move to another location and as soon as I started setting gear I was noticing a few arches on the Furuno, so at least we had something to work with. The day was a tough one as we had several strikes that didn’t stick and then finally one stuck and we ended up with a single striper from the waters of Hogan reservoir. A slow but great day with two great guys. Thanks again guys!!! No photo was taken

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