New Melones trout 5-15-2018

New Clients Ken and Ralph were onboard with me on May the 15th at New Melones. When I arrived at the lake the wind was blowing out of the north, we launched the boat and headed out, however when I arrived at our location the wind was just to strong to fish it, so I headed for a place up river by the bridge where we would find calm water. after setting four rods we were marking fish, but they were not in the biting mood, we continued to work the area for nothing but a couple small bass. After a few hours I could tell the wind was laying down so we headed for the main lake. This is where they would land to big beautiful rainbows, the first trout weighed in at 4 pounds ten ounces and an awesome sight when they appear out of the depths, then awhile later we had another fish on and Ken took to the rod and reeled in a five-pound ten ounce rainbow from the waters of New Melones. A slow but great day with a couple great guys. Thanks again






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Hank Shaw, Hunt, Gather, Cook, Cook book writer 5-11-2018

Return client Hank Shaw and his girlfriend Holly were on the boat with me on Friday May the 11th to catch Don Pedro rainbows. I told them there would be a lot of small fish and hopefully some larger ones. after setting only three rods on this day the action started right away with them releasing the first three. Then they started keeping a few here and there, and releasing a lot of fish on the day. Later when the wind started to make an appearance we were looking for a larger fish it finally happened, Hank landed an at least two plus pound rainbow. Then he asked about kokanee, so I put kokanee gear and after releasing some rainbows we finally landed a fat bright kokanee from the waters of Don Pedro. A great day with two great people, and if you are not sure who Hank Shaw is, Just google him and you will find out what a great cook he is. Thanks again you two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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Don Pedro trout and kokanee trip 5-9-2018

Returning client Pete Gates and his crew of seven anglers that have been fishing with me for years were onboard with me and a friend of mine and guide Joe.We took out seven guys on May the 9th to Don Pedro. We all met at the lake that  morning and I put four guys in my boat and three guys on Joes boat and we headed out. I would be fishing with trout gear and Joe would fish with kokanee gear. Both boats boated at least 35 fish each, and Joe was able to land a single kokanee, and they lost four others, and everyone had steady action on trout. Thanks again everyone!!!!!

IMG_2239 (1)


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Don Pedro rainbows and a kokanee 5-8-2018

Returning client Joe and Rodney were on the boat with me on May the 8th, now these two guys have a later starting time of 9:30. We set out and almost immediately  started catching fish after a short ride to the fishing grounds. Again like a broken record they boated many fish on this day and Joe said that he only wanted keep fish that was two pounds or better, so he would keep two nice rainbows on the day and a fat kokanee. Thanks for coming out guys!!





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Don Pedro trout 5-7-2018

Return client Jim brought along his friend Bill for some trout fishing on Don Pedro on May the 7th. After setting out four rods we were fishing and on our way to a great day of catching. The day was full of great stories and laughs. They boated many fish only keeping six fish between them. They wanted no photos. A great day with great guys. Thanks again!!

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Don Pedro trout trip 5-6-2018

Returning clients Mike and Charlie were onboard with me on Sunday May the 9th at Don Pedro. We started the morning with two lead-core rods and instantly were getting bit and after boating a few Charlies rod was slammed hard and as he grabbed the rod and made a couple cranks on the reel we knew it was a large fish, however it came unbuttoned. The day was a pleasant day on the water and everywhere we went they caught fish. After putting the lead-core rods away and setting four rods out on the downrigger they ended up catching their limits of Don Pedro rainbows. They didn’t want a photo. A great day with two great guys.

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Don Pedro rainbows 5-5-2018

Returning client Dan brought along his son Dan Jr. for a days trip on Don Pedro on May the 5th. We have been catching lots of fish, mainly small to medium size fish and I encourage releasing the smaller ones for the future of the reservoir. Now today was no different. On this day Dan Jr. would catch a very nice three and half pound trout and they both caught some nice fish only keeping nine, all the while they released an easy 30 fish. It was a great day with two great guys. Thanks again you two!




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Don Pedro Rainbows 5-1-2018

New Clients Steve and Fred were onboard with me on May the 1st at Don Pedro to see if we could catch some rainbows. We arrived at a nearly full lake and headed out. I put out only two lead-core rods and it wasn’t even five minutes and we were already hooking fish. Now I told Steve and Fred that they could keep what they wanted or release fish, and I told then there would be many small fish so lets release them so they could grow. So they let several go until Fred hooked into something big and as it appeared behind the boat we could see that this was a keeper after netting it and weighing it, it weighed in at 4 pounds 4 ounces. So we worked the area for a good long time when we hooked into another monster and it was in Fred’s side again, however it broke the line and swam away with the lure in its mouth. The bite started to slow so I suggested let’s make a move and no sooner than we put out the two rods again, Freds rod was bent over hard and pulling line off the reel at an amazing rate, after a great fight I was able to slide the net under the big fish, this fish was a twin of the Fred’s first big fish, it weighed 4 pounds.  Later I put the lead-core rods away and set out four rods on the down riggers and this is when Steve lost a  monster in the same area as well, he did land some very nice fish also. We had a great day as they caught an amazing 35 rainbows from the waters of Don Pedro, keeping their ten fish. A great day with two great guys!!!!! Thanks again.




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Hogan striper trip 4-20-2018

Returning clients Paul and Gerti were onboard with me on April the 20th. The morning started out with a bolt in my tire as I could hear it when I left the house, so I returned home, so I text Paul and told him what had happened and that I would be late. Finally I was on the road again and I arrived at the lake at 7:30. I hurried and readied the boat and away we went.  The day was slow and we missed a few strikes, however they were able to land three stripers from the waters of Hogan reservoir. A slow but great day with great people. Thanks again!!


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Hogan stripers 4-13-2018

Return client Mike was onboard with new client Mike Tran on Friday the 13th at Hogan reservoir. The day was forecasted to be fairly breezy so I had taken the top off so the boat wouldn’t be a sail. The day actually turned out to be okay and the wind held off till the end. The day was defiantly different from the previous day as we really had work for our five fish, the two Mikes didn’t lose any fish but we had many missed opportunities. Still a great day on the water of Hogan reservoir with to great guys. Thanks again !!!



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