Hogan striper trip 4-20-2018

Returning clients Paul and Gerti were onboard with me on April the 20th. The morning started out with a bolt in my tire as I could hear it when I left the house, so I returned home, so I text Paul and told him what had happened and that I would be late. Finally I was on the road again and I arrived at the lake at 7:30. I hurried and readied the boat and away we went.  The day was slow and we missed a few strikes, however they were able to land three stripers from the waters of Hogan reservoir. A slow but great day with great people. Thanks again!!


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Hogan stripers 4-13-2018

Return client Mike was onboard with new client Mike Tran on Friday the 13th at Hogan reservoir. The day was forecasted to be fairly breezy so I had taken the top off so the boat wouldn’t be a sail. The day actually turned out to be okay and the wind held off till the end. The day was defiantly different from the previous day as we really had work for our five fish, the two Mikes didn’t lose any fish but we had many missed opportunities. Still a great day on the water of Hogan reservoir with to great guys. Thanks again !!!



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Hogan striper trip 4-12-2018

Returning client John and Mike brought along a friend Dave for a trip to Hogan reservoir on April the 12th. The previous night it had a rained and we were welcomed with a cool clear morning and it stayed cold enough to wear a heavy jacket all day, however the stripers were biting. I wasn’t even able to get all four rods fishing before we had our first hook up of the day, but it came unbuttoned after a short fight. The bite was not red-hot in any way, but we had some flurries here and there. The days final tally was seven stripers landed and four lost fish that did include one that was a very nice fish that was lost right at the boat and we had several missed opportunities. A great with great people. Thanks again guys!!



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Hogan Stripers 4-4-2018

Return clients Mike and Dan were onboard with me on April the 4th. We arrived at the lake early, however the gate was still locked and we ended up waiting 45 minutes for someone to open the gate after a phone call. Finally after getting on the water and setting the four rods we soon had a strike that did not produce. After a few missed opportunities Mike was first up to land a fat stripers, then after some time went by Dan landed himself one and then close to the end of the day Mike was able to land another quality striper We had one more solid strike that didn’t get hooked up, and so we called it a day. I did not take any photos on this trip. A slower day on the water. Thanks again guys!!!

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Don Pedro trout 4-3-2018

New clients Joel brought along his two boys for a day’s fishing at Don Pedro. The day was spectacular where ever we fished they caught fish after fish after fish all day long. Joel basically sat back and enjoyed the day watching his two boys catch fish. The fish were not huge, in fact the majority of the fish were very small, but lots of fun for two young boys. The days tally was 60 fish total and all were released except four of the bigger fish that they would keep for dinner. Since most of these fish are so small please let them go back as this is the future of Don Pedro. A great day with three great people. Thanks again guys.



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Hogan stripers 3-27-2018

I made a trip to Hogan on March 27th with my dad to see what the water conditions was from the recent heavy rains, I was hoping it would not be muddy. After launching the boat I could soon tell that it was stained pretty bad and further up stream we went the worse it became. I thought we might as well put some baits in the water and see what  happens, before setting all the rods I noticed that there was some arches on the screen. After setting the rods the water was muddy, however the it wasn’t long before a downrigger rod was hammered, but came undone very quickly. I continued working the area and then a planner board went off and my dad grabbed the rod and after a short battle it was in the cooler. We had a great in the warm sun with him catching five stripers and he lost one close to the boat and also we had two missed opportunities.



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New Melones trout 1-31-2018

Return clients Mike and Chris were onboard with me at New Melones on January the 31st to hopefully catch some rainbows. The day was tough as I tried many different techniques and places, when after about three hours of nothing I brought out the ol standby lead core and my custom-made spoons and finally at the last spot of the day is when we had the starboard side rod was hammered hard and double backward towards the fish and Chris jumped up and grabbed the rod and began reeling and the big fish jumped and was instantly gone, we all seen it and it was a very large fish, so we continued on and then on the next pass through the same area the same rod again was pounded this time Mike grabbed the rod and soon we had a four and a half pound rainbow in the box. This was all we would end up with. A slow but great day on the waters of New Melones with two great guys.


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New Melones trout January 17th 2018

Return client Joe brought along his buddy Rodney at New Melones in hopes of catching some rainbow trout, we met at Don Pedro and was greeted with pea soup fog that didn’t look to be clearing, so I made the suggestion of heading to New Melones where I knew there was no fog, so off we went. We launched the boat and started fishing, we found a lot of nothing and finally one of the rods doubled over very hard and soon Joe had a very nice and colorful rainbow in the cooler, however that would be the only fish we caught that day. The best part of that big beautiful fish was it would end up on the cover of the FISHSNIFFER MAGAZINE. Thanks again guys!!!




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Don Pedro fishing trip 12-29-2017

Returning clients Chris and Stan were onboard with me on December the 29th at Don Pedro. I tell ya this was a very tough day for catching we covered a ton of water finally finding one, after a short battle it was lost, it wasn’t until the end of the day again when we finally found a couple of fish, No pictures in this day, a slow but nice day with these two great guys. Thanks again for coming out.

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Don Pedro fishing trip 12-18-2017

New clients Paul and Gertrude were onboard with me on December the 18th to see how I fish the lake. Well to say the least we had a very nice day but very tough day on the water after covering many miles in search of fish and close to the end of the day we were rewarded with two very nice trout, but by the this time it was time to call it a day. A very nice weather wise day on the waters of Don Pedro with two great people. Thanks again you two!!!

IMG_1874 (1)


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