Sunday Funday @ Don Pedro 5-22-2022

New client Paul brought along his family for a day of trout and kokanee fishing @ Don Pedro. They arrived @ 6:00 A.M. and I already had the boat in the water, we loaded up and headed out. The second rod was barley out when the first rod was hit but soon lost, the fishing was on and I could not get the rods out fast enough. After loosing the first three fish we finally put a fish in the Reliable fish bag. The day was filled with laughter and many fish coming over the rail. The day we had full sun and beautiful weather with a light breeze. We fished till 1:00 o’clock and headed for the dock with 10 kokanee, 13 rainbows and one king salmon. They let some trout go and lost a few and we missed some opportunities on the kokanee. A great day with some great guys. Thanks for fishing with Gold Country Sportfishing.

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Windy morning kokanee and trout @ Don Pedro 5-20-2022

Long time client Mike and he wanted to treat his Friend to a fishing trip on Don Pedro. The morning was questionable as for the forecast was to be windy, when we arrived it was not bad so we headed out and I wanted to see if the fish were holding in a new area, well be boated two smaller kokanee and we left the area to where we had been fishing and we were soon we rewarded with fish. The wind was blowing but not bad and doable. We were putting fish in the fish bag and at 8:45 Mikes buddy needed to get going as he had to travel. The mornings tally was Five kokanee and four rainbows with some lost fish and we missed some bites do to the wind as it was hard to notice the bites. They were camera shy. A great morning with two great guys!!!Thanks again!!

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Trout and Kokanee trip @ Don Pedro 5-18-2022

New client Tim and returning client Mike were onboard for some trout and kokanee action. I put these two single guys together to make a trip. Tim wanted fish and Mike wanted just kokanee. The day was way different than the previous day as it started out ok but quickly died as we were fighting the clutches of a full moon. Still no shortage of trout however the kokanee were scattered but we did end up with Tim Having five trout and two kokanee and Mike went home with three kokanee. This was the first day out that the wind did not blow. A great day with two great guys!!!! Thanks again for fishing with Gold Country Sportfishing.

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Kokanee trip @ Don Pedro 5-17-2022

Returning clients Bob, Al and Mark were back onboard with me @ Don Pedro on May the 17th to chase down the kokanee in the big Reservoir. It took us a while to find the kokanee but once we did we started putting fish in the Reliable fish bag. It wasn’t faced pace but we found a small school of them that was willing to bite and we had plenty of action on trout that was all released. They landed over twenty trout. The days end was ten kokanee landed and a few lost and some missed opportunities. A great day on the waters of Don Pedro with great people. Thanks again guys!!!

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Combo Trip @ Don Pedro 5-14-2022

New clients DJ and his son Rafter were onboard with me for the day @ Don Pedro in hopes of catching some fish. The morning started off with not even all the rods out and we had fish on but unfortunately it came off however the next one made its way to the net. after putting a few fish in the Reliable fish bag the bite slowed down so we moved on, after a short time I noticed four fish on the Garmin and within 30 seconds we had a triple on fish with three different species. We were getting a nice selection of fish when one of the rods got bit and DJ reeled in a really nice King and with in a few minutes we had another good fish on and I am certain that it was also a king but came undone. Then about 45 minutes later the wind started coming up and it was not going away but it was late in the trip when we decided to call it a day. The tally for the day was two King Salmon, Five kokanee and ten Rainbows. Another great day on the waters of Don Pedro with great people. Thanks again!!!

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Kokanee, Trout and King Salmon @ Don Pedro 5-12-2022

Return client Jack, he brought along his buddy Josh for a day of fishing at Don Pedro. The duo took turns catching many Rainbows returning most as they were looking for kokanee. The day was a sunny beautiful day. The Highlight of the day was when Jack reeled in a beautiful King Salmon that tipped the scales over three pounds. They ended the day with One King Salmon, seven kokanee and five Rainbows. A great day on the waters of Don Pedro with a couple of great guys.

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Kokanee and trout trip @ Don Pedro 4-25-2022

New clients Steve, Pat and Bernadetta Chavez were onboard with me @ Don Pedro. Steve wanted an instructional day as he has his own boat and needed some advise on how to make his luck change. The action was great as it took me some time to get all four rods fishing as we kept catching fish as fast as I could get the rods out but things finally settled down and I was able to get them all fishing. We had great action through out the day with a few fish lost and some released. They ended the day with ten trout and four kokanee. A great day with great people. Thanks again for fishing Gold Country Sportfishing!!!

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Don Pedro combo fishing trip 4-23-2022

Return client Tim brought along his son Mike and his two boys for an outing at Don Pedro on Saturday April the 23rd. The morning was cool wit a light breeze that died down after about and hour. We instantly had a fish on but was lost just as fast, then we had to go on the hunt as the fish had moved form the previous day about 100 yards. the fish were scattered however we started getting bit pretty steady with the boys reeling in fish after fish and they informed me that they only wanted to fish till 11:00 O’clock. The finished the day with 13 rainbows two kokanee and a small king salmon, and we even caught a catfish that we let go for our efforts. They lost several and missed some but it was a great day with great people along with great weather. Thanks again everyone!!!!

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Kokanee, Rainbows and King Salmon Don Pedro 4-22-2022

Return clients Don Darold and new client Ray were onboard for a day of fishing @ Don Pedro. The morning started out cloudy and we just missed the rain that went through the region. DJ was supposed to been the trip unfortunately he hurt his back and was unable to go. These three guys had great action on a mixture of fish. They ended the day with six kokanee ten trout and a big beautiful King salmon that Don caught. Thanks again guys for a great day on the waters of Don Pedro.

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Don Pedro combo trip 4-19-2022

New client Bill brought along a group of young men for a day of fishing at Don Pedro/ The weather was cloudy with some rain in the forecast. I started setting rods and in just a few short minutes we were catching fish. It was hard to keep for a while then we settled in and the bite was great. The boys did a great job of reeling in fish and they just kept some for the dinner table. The weather turned out to be perfect with never even a drop of rain and no wind as well. They called it at noon with 12 fish, a mix of kokanee, trout and small king salmon. It turned out great as each boy at the end caught a fish I would put the rod away and lucky enough every rod caught a fish. Thanks again everyone and thank you for fishing Gold Country Sportfishing.

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