Don Pedro Rainbows 3-10-2017

Returning client Mike Davis brought along his son in law and grandson for a days fishing on Don Pedro. I set out four rods and after 40 minutes we had our first fish of the day on and six year old Zachary reeled the fish in. Fishing proved once again to be a challenge on this day but we stuck with it and they boated six rainbows and a bass for the day. Its a great time of year to fish the reservoir as the hills are green and the lake is full. Thanks again guys.

IMG_0709 (1)


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Don Pedro rainbows 3-8-2017

Returning Client John Kern was onboard with me on March the 8th at Don Pedro fishing alone. This day was a great day of fishing. Almost everywhere we fished we caught fish and they were very nice fish. We were fighting a reservoir with falling water levels and this can make for tough fishing. We caught some of the nicest fish I’ve caught at Don Pedro in years. John does not keep fish, we were lucky enough to release all the fish unharmed. By the end of the day  john landed 12 rainbows with the largest fish measured 22 inches, we didn’t weigh it we wanted to get the fish back in the water. There are a couple photos that I was able to get. Thanks again John.

IMG_0699 IMG_0703

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Don Pedro trout trip 3-3-2017

I had return client Mike Abourezk at Don Pedro fishing by himself. The day started out with a quick fish on and as mike was reeling the fish jumped and we could tell it was a really nice fish and was soon in the net. The day turned out to be tough as we were only able to put four fish in the cooler. We tried many different locations. We didn’t take any photos on this day.

New Melones trout trip 2-25-17

John Kern brought along some family members  for a days trip to fish for trout at New Melones. I have not fished Melones in two years due to the extremely low water levels. This day would be tough, the lake was rising rapidly putting a tremendous amount of debris and mud into the reservoir. We started out trolling spoons on lead core and this method only put one trout in the cooler with in the first 30 minutes, so after getting a good look at the muddy water I changed things over to Vanes Little slim willies and a threaded night crawler on planner boards and this started putting fish in the cooler.  The day turned out okay as they boated eight fish. I did not take any photos. Thanks again guys.

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Don Pedro rainbows 2-14-2017


I went to Don Pedro on Valentines Day to see what was happening at the reservoir. The lake was pretty much full, the water was in good shape as far as color one just has to watch out for floating debris. We started fishing and it wasn’t long and the starboard side rod started burning line off the real, Butch grabbed the rod and started fighting the fish, it started jumping out of the water and made some good runs, this was no small fish and we seen the fish as it swimming along side the boat and as I went to net it, it started thrashing around as I scooped at the fish and thought it was in the net, I came up empty and broke the lure off in the process. We continued to work the area for one more strike, so we moved on just fishing and we finally found and area that had fish. The action was not red-hot but we a steady bite with some very nice trout. We let several fish go and there were some very nice fish caught on this day. We kept six rainbows and let four others go back to fight another day. Its gonna be a great year at Don Pedro this year. Book your trips now  with me and get in early on the great size of fish.






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Don Pedro trout fishing trip 12-30-2016

I had two great people on the 30th of December to catch some rainbow trout at Don Pedro. The day would be with light clouds and very little sun on the day. We launched at 8:00 A.M. and started fishing. The first spot we tried came up empty and also the second spot. We picked up and headed to our third spot and that turned out to be the best spot of the day as we stayed almost the entire day catching and releasing many rainbows. The day was filled with lots of conversation and laughs. The day ended with the duo keeping eight trout and releasing many others and they had several missed strikes. A great way to end the year fishing with two great people. Thanks again!



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Sacramento River King Salmon 11-16-2016

New Clients Bert and Dave fished with me on November the 16th. The morning was very cool to start and I explained to them  both of what to do when we had a fish on and how to clear the other rods. After a pass with nothing, the port side rod was hit and Dave grabbed the rod while Bert and I cleared the other rods, unfortunately the fish was lost UGH!. We were having a great time laughing and joking throughout the day and finally the back starboard side got hit as I was standing next to it, so I grabbed the rod and handed it off to Bert and soon Bert had a king salmon in the cooler, so we picked up and headed back to the beginning of the run and on that next pass the port side rod was hit and Dave was in to another fish and this time he was able to land this one, we did have another strike that didn’t stick. We called it a day at 2:00 with two king salmon from the Sacramento River with two great guys. Thanks again guys





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Sacramento River King Salmon 11-12-2016

Nnew client John Thompson and his son Jack were onboard with me on Saturday November 12th. The morning started out with instructions on what to expect when we get a fish on an also how to get the other rods cleared.Things started out slow asthe first pass produced nothing, then as we were half way through our second pass we had the starboard side got hit hard so jack was able to get the rod out of the holder and he began to fight the fish and after a good fight i was able to slid the fish into the net. Then things went quite for a while and on one pass we had two strikes within 50 yards of each other, however they didnt stick. Asb the day was getting late we had another strike and this time the fish got the hooks and John grabbed the rod and was fighting the fish and then he said he didnt feel anything so i told hiim to keep reeling and the fish was their and as i was grabbing the net i heard the words no one wants to hear, its gone!. The hook fell out of the fishes mouth for some stange reason, evidently it just was hooked well enough. That was it for the day. we called it a day, at least we was able to get one nice king salmon from the Sacramento River. A good day with two great people. Thaks again guys


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Sacramento River King salmon 11-11-2016

Returning client Bob O’Connor brought along his wife Myra and their friend Bill out for a day’s fishing for king salmon on the Sacramento river. They all agreed to let Myra go first, well that all went out the window when the port side went down and bill grabbed the rod while the rest of us cleared the other rods and soon we had our first fish of the day in the cooler. After another pass the same rod got hit again and this time Myra was able to get a turn and she fought the fish and I was able to net the nice fish for her. Later in the morning we had another good strike but it just didn’t stick. Later in the day we were getting close to thinking about going home and everyone was just relaxed when all of a sudden the back port side rod got hammered and bob quickly grabbed the rod and soon number three was in the cooler and we called it a day. A great day with three great people on the Sacramento River chasing king salmon.







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Sacramento River king salmon 10-24-2016

Return clients Harry and Earl were onboard with me on October the 24th to catch Sacramento river king salmon. We were on our first pass of the morning and we were marking fish, however they did not want to strike. We picked up and headed to the top of the run for another pass, with fresh baits and our hopes high, just a couple hundred yards down river the port side rod was hit hard, Harry grabbed the rod while Earl and myself cleared the others and soon I had greeted the salmon with a waiting net. The next pass it was Earls turn as Harry and myself cleared the other rods, I was able to slide the net under Earls king salmon. Getting later in day about 11:30 the portside rod was hit again and soon Harry had his limit of King Salmon for the day and at 2:00 o’clock we called it a great day on the Sacramento river with two great guys.









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