Sac River King Salmon 10-11-2019

Returning client Dan brought along his Buddy Ross for a day on the Sacramento river to hopefully catch a salmon or two. The morning started off with getting a fish on in the first ten minutes of setting the rods, unfortunately that fish came off very close to the boat. However Ross would have another chance after we had a slam on the rod but it  didn’t stick, I knew fish were coming so I hurried up and got the rods fishing again and with in a few minutes we were hooked up again and this time Ross was able to land a bright king salmon, After picking up and heading back up stream Dan put a smaller salmon in the Reliable fish bag and an 30 minutes later the same portside rod went down again and Dan grabbed the rod and this fish I could tell it was a much larger fish and after a great battle I was able to slide the Beckman net under the large 20 pound king salmon from the Sacramento River. That would be it for the rest of the day, still a great day wit a couple of great guys….. Thanks for choosing Gold Country Sportfishing…




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Sac Metro King Salmon 10-9-2019

Returning clients Kim and Ryan and Ryan brought along his daughter Juliana for a day of fishing. Juliana had never caught a salmon so this day was a special day. After setting four rods fishing it was instantly fish on as we didn’t go 50 feet. Juliana would be first and she did a great job fighting the fish, it wasn’t a big fish but it was her first and she was very excited. The day was gonna be windy and I was not sure how long we would be able to fish. Ryan would be going next as we waited for the bite and finally it did as the rod double over hard, everyone else cleared the rods and in short order we had the fish on-board. Last up would be Kim, his turn came twice but unfortunately both times the fish came unbuttoned half way to the boat, so we all decided if we were lucky enough to get another bite it would be Juliana’s turn, well it turned out and she was half asleep when the back rod started violently pulsing and she grabbed the rod and fought the fish perfectly. That was it as the wind was building and we needed to get back. Thanks gain for the great day and for choosing Gold Country Sportfishing,img_4044-2-1

IMG_4047 (2)






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Sacramento River King Salmon 10-8-2019

Returning clients Harry and Brian were on-board to chase king salmon on October the 8th. After setting for rods we were fishing after going down stream it was awhile  and then one rod was hammered hard and Brian had never caught a salmon on the river well this one paid off as it was a 20 pound fish that put up a great fight. so we picked and headed back up stream then it was Harry’s turn as he boated one, so I told them to quickly get the rods back out and we did not go 50 feet and the same rod was hammered again and Harry had his second fish, after another trip up stream half way down  the starboard side rod went down hard and Brian had his second fish of the day. All by 10:00 A.M. Two limits on the Sacramento River. Thanks again guys!!!







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Sacramento River King Salmon 10-7-2019

Return client Jeremy brought along his buddies from work for a day of chasing King Salmon. After setting four rods we were under way and within just a few minutes we had our first fish hooked up and Chris was battling a salmon, everyone else cleared the rods and I was standing by with the net and the fish was very close to netting, however he stopped reeling and the fish came off. The guys sure gave Chris a bad time, but he redeemed himself with a brute of a fish that took him a while to land, shortly after that Cory had his turn and landed a nice fish, after some time went by John had a turn and landed a quality salmon, unfortunately Jeremy did not get a turn. A great day with great guys…… Thanks again everyone!!!




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Sacramento River King Salmon 10-4-2019

Return client Dennis always brings his family for a get together and maybe a few fish. These guys are always fun to be around and the day is full of laughter. This day started of very fast as I didn’t even get all the rods fishing and we had a fish on. Chris brought his 16 year old son along and he was first up and he landed a great salmon. This day we had 8 hard strikes and only three fish were landed, that means 5 strikes that did not stick, that was tough and some days that’s what happens. Still a great day on the river with a great group of guys… Thanks again everyone!!!!!





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Sacramento River King Salmon 10-2-2019

Return clients Mike and Chris were on their annual fishing trip with me on the river and Mike always like =s to go second as he thinks the second fish and is usually right is bigger, so Chris was up first and landed a very nice and bright still with scales salmon, then mike was up and he landed a nice fresh salmon, and later on Chris caught another beautiful salmon that jumped four times and put up a great show for us. That was it for the day, however we gave it one heck of a try…. Thanks fro coming out and continuing to fish with Gold Country Sportfishing….






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Sacramento River King Salmon 9-27-2019

New clients Doug and Ryan were on-board with me for a chance at catching king salmon on the Sacramento river on September 27th. After launching the boat and heading down stream I set four rods two would be Ryan’s  and two would be Doug’s as he brought along his rods and reels since he like to have his left handed reels.I told them what a bite looked like and explained what we needed to do when we did get a fish on. Ryan said hey Monte what is this rod doing as I looked at it, it was getting bit, we cleared the other rods and landed a small salmon. The second time he knew exactly what was going on as a much larger fish hit the lure and hammered the rod. Doug’s turn didn’t happen , although we did have a couple good hard bites just they did  not stick unfortunately..The one fish of Ryan’s was not photo worthy. Thanks again guys for coming out and fishing with Gold Country Sportfishing…………












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Sacramento River King Salmon 9-24-2019

Return clients and three boats each holding four Anglers in search of King Salmon on the Sacramento river. Hopes were high after last years trip produced early and easy limits for our boat and myself by 8:30.  This year was totally different with lots of water flowing down the river we all figured their would plenty of fish. The day was full of hope , however the fish were just not their, and we only boated one quality fish for our boat. Still a great day with great guys…. Thanks again!!!!!






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Late season kokanee 8-25-2019

New clients Brian and Nick wanted a day of fishing New Melones for kokanee, I knew the fishing had been slowing down however we were still putting fish in the boat. After setting four rods at various depths we started marking fish so I knew we had something to work with after 45 minutes we had our first hook up, however when Brian was reeling the fish in it was not very big and we was able to let it go and it also was able to swim off, I don’t like letting the first fish go but this we had to do. A few minutes later the deep rod went off this and this time it was a much larger fish, and in short order Nick had a turn with a quality kokanee. The day was a hot one and we continued to work the schools of fish many times going through them without a bite, but being persistent like I am it paid off and we had six kokanee in the fish bag and with them having to get back to pack things up at there cabin we fished until noon and right at the last the deep rod went off again and Nick grabbed the rod and he landed the last fish of the day. They ended up with 7 fish in the bag and let one go, lost one and missed two. A great day with a couple of great guys. Thanks again for coming out and thanks for choosing Gold Country Sportfishing……



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New Melones kokanee 8-20-2019

Returning clients Paul and his wife Gerti were back on board on Tuesday at New Melones to try and catch some kokanee before the season was over. After meeting and launching the boat we headed out, and after setting four rods were under way. It took a little while to catch our first kokanee, but when we did two more came quickly, making in three in the fish bag. We had a bit of a breeze  in the morning keeping us cool. We had a couple lost fish and a few missed chances that we did not even see and at noon Paul decided to call it a day with eight kokanee from the waters of New Melones. A great day with great people. Thanks again you two.


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