Don Pedro Rainbow Trout 3-18-2023

New client Tony brought along three of his friends for a day of fishing on Lake Don Pedro. They arrived and we quickly headed out and after setting the first rod it quickly was hit and we had our first fish of the day in the fish bag. after getting the additional three rods fishing they began taking turns reeling in fish, they quickly started to fill the fish bag as we stayed in the area and boated many fish, we ventured out to new water in hopes of finding more fish and we did and by the end of the trip they had boated 14 rainbows. The day was sunny and warm and after cleaning the fish we headed for home. A great day with four great guys! Thanks again every one for coming out and fishing Gold Country Sportfishing!!!!

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Don Pedro Scouting Trip 3-16-2023

I invited my buddy Tim for a scouting trip to Don Pedro as I had not been out fishing for some time as I had to buy new axles for my boat trailer and some other needed repairs. We headed out and began setting four rods with various offerings. It wasn’t long and my Rapala was hit and soon the chunky rainbow was in the net and into the Reliable fish bag. The day was warm and sunny and felt really good to be back on the water, with the lake nearly at full pool we began to put a pattern together of what the fish wanted and began putting them in the bag, we also let some goo back and lost a few as well. A great day with a great friend on the waters of lake Don Pedro.\

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Don Pedro Trout Fishing November 11th 2022

I had two return clients Mike and Dan that have both fished together before. The salmon fishing on the Sacramento river was a bust this year so I decided to put the down riggers back on the boat along with the trout gear and I made a scouting trip the day before with a buddy to see the conditions and where might the fish be, after a successful day I knew I would have a good idea where to fish. Mike and Dan arrived Friday morning and headed out, the bite was not wide open but we had fairly steady action as we put seven quality Rainbows and a spotted bass in the Reliable fish bag. The day was cool topping out about 60 degrees and we had full sunshine. Great conversation along with great company from these two great guys!! Thanks again guys!!!!! This is a great time of year to be fishing here at Don Pedro as you can basically have the lake to yourselves just a few others fishing.

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Great trout fishing @ Don Pedro 9-10-2022

Return client Paul bought along his two friends for a day of trout fishing at Don Pedro. The morning started out with a bang as I set the first rod and was getting the second rod ready to go and I looked at the first rod and it was buried and Pulsing as Francisco grabbed the rod and began reeling, however half way to the boat it came undone. After getting all the rods set we were underway with our day. The bite was not fast as we would pick up a fish here and there, then things started to turn for the better as the over cast skies stayed with us and the started to turn on. At one point we had a triple hook up and one of the fish turned out to be a really nice kokanee in its spawning colors. The sun finally came out and got pretty warm and by 11:30 the guys were ready to call it a day. The days tally was 13 Rainbows and one kokanee along with six other fish lost. Another great day with some great guys!!!! Thanks again!!

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New Hogan Stripers August 4th 2022

Long time client Mike wanted to catch some stripers at New Hogan. I started setting rods soon after leaving the dock and it was not only a few minutes when we started getting strikes and Mike soon landed his first striper of the day. Finally getting the remaining rods out things started happening and we would pick up a fish here and there, we also had a few missed opportunities and we ended the day @ 11:30 with five stripers with the biggest being the last fish that weighed five pounds. A great day with a great guy!!!! Thanks Mike!!!

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Tough Day @ Don Pedro 8-3-2022

New clients Mike and Dwight were onboard with me on August the 3rd for some lessons on kokanee fishing. A few days prior the kokanee were hard to catch, however this day would prove to be even tougher. After setting the four rods at various depths we started our troll and soon marked a good fish over a 100 feet down so I lowered one of the rods just above it and waited a few seconds and BAMM! fish on! Mike grabbed the rod and began reeling and after a good fight I was able to slide the Beckman net under it and it turned out to be a four pound King Salmon. We continued on and we were not marking many fish at all and finally we landed a nice kokanee, but by then time was ticking away and I wanted to try for some trout just to give them some action but Mike wanted to stick it out for a while longer and learn more about kokanee fishing, then we did switch over and the first fish we caught was a big Bass then three Rainbows and they called it a day before it became to hot. Still a great day on the water with two great guys. Thanks again!!!

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Don Kokanee trip 7-29-2022

Return clients Bill, Jason and JJ were back onboard with me for some kokanee fishing. The morning was a clear morning with no clouds and warmer temperatures. After setting the four rods we wee on our way, not marking hardly any fish I began to winder and finally we started marking only a few but they were not interested in biting our offerings so I put out a single rod for trout but had not takers either and finally we had our first bite and it made it to the net and into the fish bag, so things started looking up as we boated another. The day was a tough one for sure as we only landed five kokanee, lost a couple and had a few missed opportunities for our efforts. Thanks again guys for coming out.

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Great day @ Don Pedro 7-28-2022

Return clients Gary and Steve were back onboard to hunt down kokanee. The morning started again with some cloud cover and on the first pass through an area we boated three kokanee, then a few boats showed up working same small area making it tougher, but being persistent and dedicated we worked a large area and we picked the kokanee of one by one and they gave it a time line before the heat really set in at noon and we had one more fish to catch and that was not looking good and with in the last three minutes the starboard side rod we off and Gary reeled the last kokanee of the day with seconds to spare. Thanks again guys for the great day.

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Don Pedro kokanee 7-27-2022

New client Dave and he brought along his grandsons for some first time kokanee fishing. The morning started out with cloud cover and that was a welcome sight as it kept it the temperatures much cooler. It was not long and we were getting bites and after a little instructions they were pretty good at landing the fish. The fishing was kind a on the slower side from what its been, we had boated three fish then it went quite for a while and then we came across a large school of fish and as soon as I showed them on the sonar all the rods got bit and they landed three of them. At one point we had a really good fish on unfortunately it came off as it was peeling line off the reel. The day ended with two nice limits of kokanee from the waters of Don Pedro. A great day with great people Thanks again guys!!!

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