Boated 8 Kokanee and 2 Trout while teaching ‘how to fish’

Hi all.
I had a trip on Monday the 19Th at New Melones with two great guys.
Now these two guys really wanted to learn and know how to catch kokanee, now they have fished before on there own and were not that lucky, but I tell you what they brought there note pads and took lots of notes and they are now ready to go out on there own and catch lots of fish.
Just by hiring a guide they learned more in one day than spending many countless hours of fishing on there own.
Now this day was a good day of fishing, the weather was just great and the fish were happy to see us as they were willing to bite, the bite was good as soon as we started, then it slowed down, we had sporadic action slowly picking up a fish here and there until about 11:30, when we had our ten fish, now the kokanee action was good for us this day as we boated 8 kokanee and two trout.
The best news is, is this years kokanee are already bigger than they were last year at this time, the biggest kokanee we caught today was fourteen and a half inches, so that is great to see as it is very early in the season.
So if you are thinking about booking a trip, lets make some plans ahead of time.
Monte Smith
Gold Country Sportfishing
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