Only 7 Fish after 7 hours at Melones

Hi All.
I know its been some time since I posted anything and I told you I had a trip planned to New Melones for some kokanee, well we made the trip and I was expecting some decent fishing for some kokes, as we left the dock at Tuttletown and got passed the drop off I started dropping lines and just as I got the fourth rod in the water we had a fish on, but as fast as we hooked our first fish it was gone just as fast.

I had high hopes for my three clients, and I always expect the best when fishing.
After reading the reports from the lake saying it was good fishing, man things were not even close, the fishing was tough!

After seven hours of fishing hard we only boated four kokanee and one small brown trout, we lost two other fish and missed three other bites for our efforts.

I trolled all over the lake, the fish are really scattered and at many differant depths, and most everyone that was out was having a hard time as well as they were going by us with there hands in the air as to say where are the fish and boats were going back and fourth searching for fish.

Not a good day at all, I sure hope it gets better as I know the fish are there somewhere.
Monte Smith
Gold Country Sportsfishing

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