Don Pedro is the best it has been in years

I have some better news.
After that terrible day at Melones, we were back on Don Pedro, and we had some terrific action!
This lake has been the best I have seen in recent years.
We are having no problem catching our clients limits of fish.
A trip on June the 4th at Don Pedro produced some quality fish for two clients Bob Davini and Dominic Foti, quality Rainbows were on tap for this day of fishing. We had some cloud cover first thing in the morning that really helped us out, and we were off the lake by 10:00 oclock with some big Rainbows and some quality Kings as they had a long drive back to the bay area.
Then on June the 8Th at Don Pedro with two clients, Dave Holleyman and Steve Agesen, the day started off with a triple and we boated two of the fish, the first fish was a nice Brown Trout and the second was a kokanee, so now I have the hardest fish of all to catch in the box, and the rest is down hill from here, the action was off the hook for us, as it took some time to finally catch some quality Rainbows, after one client loosing two good fish in a row and then the other client finally catching a good fish, but hey that’s fishing, and as long as I can put you on fish.
The day was a great one one as we had a Don Pedro grand slam, Brown Trout, Kokanee Salmon,King Salmon and Rainbow Trout, that does not happen very often.
Then a trip Friday with a single client that was no problem catching his limit of fish and on this trip he had three different species of fish.
Then a trip on Saturday the 12Th of June with three clients, Mike, Mark Jr and Mark Sr, the day started off with high winds and I was sceptical of putting the boat in the water, but after thinking it over we put the boat in the water and was off, we were greeted with big waves that was coming over the bow, as we made our way to the fishing grounds and found a spot where we could fish out of he wind and the fish were in a good biting mood.
It did not take long to get our first fish in the box, then it happened we had a double with two fish going both good fish that I could see, the first one was a very nice Rainbow that was well over two pounds that we boated, and then the other fish was pulling even harder and just as I was telling the guy to slow down and not to pull so hard the fish came out of the water and I could see that it was a big Brown Trout and just then the hook came out and it was gone.
The fishing was going great and before I knew it we had 11 fish in the cooler and then one of the rods went down very hard, as I passed the rod off to one of the clients, I could tell the fish was a good one at that, the fish was stripping line and as I loosened up the drag and was coaching the guy on what to do, we were getting the fish close to the net as it made several good runs , and then as the fish was getting closer I could see the fish coming towards the surface and was getting ready to jump, and before I could tell the guy to reel faster and drop the rod the fish jumped out of the water at least three feet in the air, and he was broad side to us , and we could see just how big the fish was, and when the fish jumped it was gone, just that fast as it spit the hook!
This fish was at least four pounds if not bigger.
However the day ended at 10:15 with three limits of fish, oh and the guy that lost the big brown he did catch another smaller brown, almost another grand slam, we were shy the kokanee.
Monte Smith

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