New Melones kokanee with the kids July 7Th 2010

New Melones kokanee fishing Hi Everyone,

Hopefully by now you are seeing a new web site that was created, and will be fully maintained by myself. July 7 th I took my two girls Jordan and Taylor fishing to Melones for some good kokanee fishing.We made our way towards the dam we started setting out rods and made our way into the Dam, it was not long and we started getting bit, and the girls were having fun catching fish, and then the birds showed up and started dive bombing us trying to get our fish, then Taylor was reeling a fish in and the Osprey dove on the fish and took off with the fish, my lure and dodger and was stripping out line, as I took the rod from her I tightened down the drag and gave the rod a big jerk and the bird you could see move as I did this a couple of times, and finally I got the bird to fly back towards the boat, I was reeling up the slack and when he got directly over head I gave the rod one last hard jerk and he let go of the fish, as we reeled in the line, we ended up with my dodger, lure and the fish along with several talon marks on the side of the fish.We ended the day with two limits of fat kokanee for the smoker.   Monte

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