Don Pedro Trout, Kings and Kokanee July 14Th 2010

Hello Everyone, Two great guys today Robert Stack and Harry Moitozo fished with me today at Don Pedro. We were fishing just a little after 6:00 and we were hooked up before all the rods were out, but it was gone in an instant, however that was short-lived with another hook up and a nice Rainbow in the  Ice box, the action was pretty good running our home-made spoons, after a water skier came out we left the area, and found some new water to work with total solitude, as there was only one other boat, the conditions were perfect, a slight breeze, good company and the fish were biting. We caught trout after trout and finally we caught two kings about two pounds and a kokanee. The last hookup of the day was a double and that turned out to be a nice King Salmon and a kokanee. The day ended with seven Rainbows, two over two pounds and two Kings that went two pounds also and one kokanee, we even caught a nice bass. Thanks guys. Monte Smith Gold Country Sportfishing.

Don Pedro guide trip for Trout King Salmon and kokanee

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