Don Pedro Trout trip July 21st 2010

Cailfornia fishing guide

Hi everyone, I needed a day off to enjoy some fishing for my own, so I called my dad and he was ready to go. I wanted to go to McClure to see how the fishing was, as I have heard some reports that it has been somewhat good action, well we fished two hours with one fish on and that fish was lost. The water is very muddy and you can only see maybe Three feet at best, there was a film on the water that looked really bad. So we fished for two hours and left at 8:00 o’clock, and we were fishing at Don Pedro at 9:00, and as usual the fishing was great, we left at noon, we boated nine fish only keeping seven, and we lost at least seven fish in two and a half hours. The biggest fish was just under three pounds and put up a great fight with several long runs, and I was able to reel this fish in, that was fun, as I do not get to many chances to fight a fish. Thanks Monte SmithCalifornia fishing guide

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