Don Pedro fishing trip November 17Th 2010

A trip to Don Pedro on November the Th, I had high hopes of catching fish for my clients since I was just there on Sunday and had a great day of a twenty fish day. I went back to the same spot as Sunday and worked the area and only had a couple strikes so the fish had moved, and all the while I would be in contact with a friend of mine that was also fishing the lake, and they were also having a difficult time catching fish as well, we both fished all over the lake trying different locations, and the clients had to leave around 12:30. We finished the day with only boating two fish and had several other grabs, a terrible day! Now at the end of the day I thought I seen my friend heading into the dock and tried to call him on the radio, but no answer and after I took my boat out of the water and said our good buys to the clients I seen that my friends truck was still in the parking lot so I tried to call him on the radio and I could barely hear him and they had caught two limits of fish, so I launched my boat to go and see where they were fishing, and decided to fish it just for a little while, well I caught two fish and lost one and had two other strikes. It was  really too bad that they found the fish so late and we could not hear each other on the radio as to our locations on the lake. Thanks Monte Smith

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