Don Pedro fishing trip 5-20-11

Hi everyone,. I had a trip with three good guys today Friday 5-20-11. The fishing was good as we could not even get all the rods down before we had  fish on as I was explaining on what to do, that fish was lost as we finally settled into a pattern of catching and landing fish! It took awhile to get past the number ten for fish and just as I was getting ready to net the last fish of the day I was telling everyone that everybody today has lost a fish except me well that was short-lived as I hit the fish with the net and the fish was gone, however that was short-lived and only a couple of minutes later I was able to Don Pedro kokanee guidesredeem myself. We finished our day ar 11:50 with the last fish. Todays count was ten kokanee, Three Rainbows and two King Salmon. Thanks again you guys!! Monte Smith Gold Country Sportfishing

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