Don Pedro fishing trip 5-21-11

Hi All, I had a very nice family onboard today, Bonnie, Caitlyn and Bob O’Connor of Modesto. The day started out overcast and calm, the weather was perfect! I got all the rods set and it wasnt long before we started getting bit, and we were able to start putting fish into the boat. The first fish of the day was a small King Salmon that we released, and usually I like to keep the first fish as I think its bad luck to throw the first fish back. We had a pretty good bite going for us and by 9:30 we had ten fish in the boat, a mix of kokanee and Rainbows, then the sun started coming out and it was time for a bathroom break, then we got back fishing and things turned tough for us, we finally put number thirteen into the boat and it was nearing the end of the day as it was looking as if we would not get our three limits, then one of the rods started bouncing and we put number 14 into the boat, as I was pulling in the rods one of the rods was of the release and no one seen it, when I pulled the lure out of the water it was missing a piece of corn, so their was our devil-fish of the day, that we did not get. Even though we did catch three limits by Don Pedro kokanee guidesputting some small ones back, they did not go home with three limits. We still had a great time and I thank you three very much for the nice day on the water!! Thanks again Monte Smith Gold Country Sportfishing

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