New Melones fishing trip 7-8-11

Hi everyone, I had three return clients from a few years back and we again had a great time fishing. We met at Melones at 6:00 o’clock at Tuttletown and we were off soon after. I was actually able to get all four rods out without a bite, although it did not take long for the fish to start biting our offerings. There is still a ton of small fish out there being caught and we were catching them and releasing them as well untill we finally was able to find some much larger fish. We lost many fish and had many short strikes. The action is still great and the fish are getting much bigger. We had 13 fish by 10;30 and it took us untill 11:00 to get that devil-fish in the boat. We had a great time today on the water. Thanks again Monte New Melones fishing guidesSmith Gold Couuntry Sportfishing

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