Fishing for Stripers at Lake Hogan 7-25-11

Hi everyone, I took my two Girls Jordan and Taylor to Lake Hogan for a fishing trip on Monday the 25th of July to see if we could catch some Stripers and get them out fishing one last time before they are off back to school. The day was a relaxing day for me and I hoped to see my kids reel in some fish. It did not take to long to get the first one in the boat as it was Taylor who was up first and it turned out to be a three and a half pound striper, then maybe and hour later it was Jordan who was reeling in a four and a quarter pound  striper that went into the ice chest and then things slowed way down so I thought, I can not watch all the rods all of the time as we had three missed opportunities when I brought the rods in the bait was missing, anyway at the end of the day we boated one more smaller

two-pound Striper and called it a day. It was fun watching my kids get to reel in fish that really give them a great fight! I just wish there would have been more. Monte Smith Gold Country Sportfishing

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