Sacramento River King Salmon 10-10-11

Sacramento River King SalmonHi everyone, I made a trip to the Sacramento river on Monday. I took my dad since he has not been fishing with me in some time, and he was ready to go. We headed for Sacramento and we arrived at Garcia bend around 6:30 where we were greeted with many other anglers. We got the boat ready and waited in line to launch and with all the people everything went very smooth. We were greeted with over cast skies and honestly this is the very first time that I did not check the weather, I thought it would be just a cool and cloudy day, well I was to be WRONG! after fishing for an hour or so it started sprinkling, so I put the top up on the boat and then it started raining and raining and then it really came down in buckets, but with the top up we were fine, as many people we seen that day on the river did not have any tops and looked to be drenched, and were really diehards. The rain finally stopped for about maybe 45 minutes and long enough to do battle with a nine pound King Salmon that turned out to be a buck and put up a great fight! So if you are interested in fishing for some hard fighting King Salmon on the river give me a call and I can put you on some fish as now is about the best time to go. Call for prices. Thanks Monte Smith Gold Country Sportfishing

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