Mother Lode fishing


Hi Everyone. I know its been sometime since I last posted anything. It’s not because I havent been fishing, because I have. I have been to Tulloch, where I took my dad fishing and we caught some pretty nice trout, then I have also been to Melones a couple of times where we caught a lot of Rainbows and Don Pedro several times. I was just at Pedro on Wednesday the 3rd of January with two clients and they boated 31 rainbows keeping their ten fish. Wednesday we fished until 2:30 and by the time we got back to the dock my clients had a two-hour drive back home and needed to get going so no photos were taken that day. I know I am usually pretty good at taking photos, but just not lately. The fish are really biting now, so its a great time to go as their is hardly anyone out fishing! Oh and by the way my boat now has a new look to it. I will get a photo up as soon as I get one of it.

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