Don Pedro kokanee, trout and King Salmon fishing trip 7-2-2012

I had a four very nice people onboard with me today July 2nd at Don Pedro. A grandfather was buying the trip for his son and his granddaughter and they were to go out for a day of fishing with just the two of them and I suggested that why not all of them go and ride along so they could enjoy the day all together. We started out trolling for trout to see what we could come up with and it probably took about a half hour before we had our first take down and was soon lost not to far behind the boat, so we kept moving and we found some fish to work with so we worked the area where we found some King Salmon and rainbows and soon had six fish in the boat and I figured when that bite died off we could switch over to finish their limits with kokanee, well that’s is exactly what we did and by 9:30 we had two limits of mixed fish with koknaee, King Salmon and kokanee from Don Pedro. Thanks all of you today and for fishing Gold Country SportfishingDon Pedro fishing

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