Don Pedreo kokanee trip July 17th 2012

I had four great people on board with me on July the 17th at Don Pedro to fish for trout and kokanee. We fished for trout the first couple hours in the morning and we came with just one that we kept and we released one very small trout that looked to be missing his mother and we had four missed opportunities, and then we lost a very big rainbow that was just at the end of the net as I was getting ready to net the big fish, it even touched the net as it was soooo close and then it was gone, we all seen the big fish, but that fish will only get bigger for someone else to catch later. Then we switched over to fish for kokanee and we finally started putting many fish in the boat, we always have lost fish while fishing for kokanee and you always have missed opportunities and that’s why they call it fishing. We ended the day with limits for all four clients on board while fishing at Don Pedro. A great day with four great people. Thanks again and for fishing gold Country Sportfishing Monte SmithDon Pedro kokanee

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