Don Pedro kokanee fishing trip 7-19-12

I had three very nice return clients onboard with me at Don Pedro on Thursday July the 19th. Were we set out to catch kokanee. The morning was a bit different on this day as we were greeted with overcast skies and sprinkles throughout the morning along with times of wind and then the wind would lay down, and then become windy again. The bite was different and I am sure it was because of the barometric pressure change. I wasnt to concerned about catching fish as I was just there on Tuesday and we did very well, so i knew the fish were there I had just had to figure out what they wanted. We started picking off a fish here and there and before I knew it we had ten kokanee in the ice chest and then the bite seemed to die off, but when this happens you just have to be patient and keep working the schools of kokanee, and finally they were able to get there three limits of koknaee from Don Pedro. Thanks again guys and thank you for fishing gold country sportfishing. Monte SmithDon Pedro kokanee


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