Don Pedro kokanee fishing trip 7-27-12

 I had two great people on board with me today at Don Pedro to catch some kokanee. A grandfather and his grandson wanted to go fishing before school started back up, and they picked a great day, the weather was just perfect, not to hot with a slight breeze and the fish were really in a biting mood. We started our troll with four rods fishing and it wasnt long before we started getting bit, and before I knew it we had a triple and they were able to land all three of them giving them six fish in the boat. When we got to eight fish in the boat I decided to put my spoons in the water to see if we could catch a couple of trout in the same area we were fishing, and also to stay out fishing longer as the fishing was so good, well we gave it an hour and one rod finally went off and it was  putting up a pretty good fight and when it came up behind the boat it turned out to be a small mouth bass, well I netted it and measured it and it was a solid 15 inches, so in the ice chest it went and then we switched back over to catch two more kokanee,  so I set out two rods and it probably took us 25 minutes and we were headed for the ramp with two limits of Don Pedro kokanee. Thanks again you two and thanks for fishing Gold Country Sportfishing

Don Pedro fishing photos

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