Don Pedro RainbowTrout fishing trip 8-31-2012

I had two very nice people onboard with on Friday the 31st of August. It was a surprise birthday gift for Carroll Hayes who turned 80 and his wife Renetta. The day started out by them being driven to Don Pedro where we were to meet at 6:30. We launched the boat and were soon under way and before 7:00 o’clock we were fishing and very soon there after we had our first two fish hooked up as this turned out to be a double hook up and they landed them both, and not much time went by and we had another double and again they both landed there fish. I thought to myself if this keeps up we will be done very early, well it was not long and again we had another double, however one of them lost their fish. The morning was going great, it was a beautiful morning out on the water as there was only a couple other boats out fishing. The trout fishing changed when they caught two bass and they decided to keep them as they were of size, and that is part of a different limit. The day  or should I say morning ended at 9:30 with two king salmon, eight rainbow trout and two bass. Thanks again for the great day on the water and thank you for fishing Gold Country Sportfishing Don Pedro rainbow troutrainbow trout

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