Don Pedro Rainbows 9-1-2012

I had three great people and returning clients onboard with me today at Don Pedro the 1st day of September. I knew the day would be a busy one since it was the last three-day weekend of the summer and their would many people out in force, so I asked my clients to be at the ramp at 6:00 o’clock so we could get fishing and hopefully have a great morning of fishing before everyone woke up. The day started out by me getting out the first rod and before I could even the second rod in my hand we already had a fish on, and our day was under way, just as I was getting ready to net the fish it started going crazy and rapped a downrigger cable and the fish and the lure was gone! It turned out my lures took a beating on this day as I lost three lures to the fish. After the sun came up the fishing became tough as we only had a couple of fish in the box and three fish lost. While we were trolling and I notice three fish on the screen and they happened to be at the depths our lures were running, so after we went through them I waited just a little bit and guess what, yep you guessed I, one rod went down and instantly two other rods went down as well, yep we had a triple hook up going and yes they landed all three of them, the only thing was they were all dare I even say it, BASS!!! yes a triple on bass. oh well they were of size  and more than long enough to keep so in the ice chest they went. After a bathroom break we were doing pretty good on our fish count as we would pick up a fish here and there, and they decided to call it a day at 10:30 and we had 13 fish in the cooler and all of sudden we had a double hookup, they landed two quality rainbows from Don Pedro to end the day on a great note. The days tally was eight Rainbows, two King Salmon and five bass. Thanks again you three and thanks for fishing Gold Country SportfishingDon Pedro photos

Don Pedro fishing

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