New Melones Rainbow trout fishing 9-12-2012

I had three great people on board with me today at New Melones. The day was a very nice day, a little warm later on. The morning started out by the first fish being a small kokanee Salmon that we released and then they caught a big beautiful rainbow that tipped the scales at three pounds, and that set the pace for the day, after doing battle with some big rainbows that New Melones has to offer, it happened they started loosing fish and we struggled to get fish into the boat and, after only having six fish in the boat, and then the bite seemed to die off, so we decided to take a bathroom break and then I changed some tactics and we were off to see what we could do. The change I made seemed to work as it wasnt ten minutes and we had another quality fish in the ice box, and we were finally getting into the fish again and they seemed to be on the bite again and before I knew it we had 11 fish in the box, and then they lost a really nice fish that was putting up a great fight. Then finally they put number twelve in the boat and it was looking like that might be it for the day and after talking about calling it quits, we had a double hook-up  and we ended the day with fourteen fish, they had twelve rainbows and two kokanee from New Melones. They actually lost nine very nice rainbows on this day, so there was no shortage of fish. Thanks again you three and thank you for fishing Gold Country SportfishingNew Melones Rainbow trout

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