Don Pedro fishing trip 10-11-2012

I had two great people who have fished with me at least twice a year for the past five years at Don Pedro with me today. We set out in search of rainbows. The morning started out somewhat slow, but finally we had a triple hookup going , however they were only able to land just one of the fish. Like the day before the bite was not red-hot , but we had a bite going and slowly but surely we were putting fish in the cooler, after working the area hard for a few hours, I decided it was time to make a move in hopes of new fish and again it paid off. We did have some rain falling on us and it seemed to kill our bite, so we waited out in hopes of the fish coming back on the bite and they did. This day as well as the previous day my clients were landing bass, and they were okay with that as it was something that they have never caught, at least while fishing with me. The day ended with five rainbows, four smaller king salmon and four bass. A great day with some great people Thanks again you two. Monte Smith Gold Country Sportfishingfishing Don Pedro

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