Sacramento River Salmon 10-18-2012

I was able to get my dad out fishing on the Sacramento River to chase the King Salmon that are coming up the river. We started our first pass and it wasnt 10 minutes and we were into our first fish of the day. My dads rod went down first and he was into a very nice Salmon, and after a short fight, I slid the net under him. Nothing like getting your blood pumping first thing in the morning. At the end of our first pass it was my turn and I was into a smaller fish, that after almost getting it to the net the fish jumped  and was out of the water and spit the lure Ugh!!! Well we picked up and headed out again and on our second pass, half way through the run my dads rod was screaming out line and burried in the rod holder and again he was into his second fish of the day. Well finally on our fourth pass we only needed one more fish and sometimes that last fish can be a tough one to get, well not this time it was only ten minutes and I was into the last fish of the day. What a great day we had on the Sacramento River chasing King Salmon.Sacramento River King Salmon

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