Sacramento River King Salmon fishing trip 10-29-2012

I had two great guys onboard with me on Monday the 29of October to chase King Salmon on the Sacramento River. The morning started out a little foggy that would clear later on. We set up for our first pass in search of Salmon, we were half way through it when I thought we might  not get a fish on the first pass when all of a sudden the back rod goes down and we were into our first fish of the day, after a short fight I slid the net under the fish, I quickly put the rods back out and we didn’t go another 150 yards and the starboard side rod starts singing its tune of braided line going out through the guides, and this makes a very distinctive sound., this turned out to be a very nice Salmon, so now there is two fish in the box, and I’m in a hurry to get the rods back out as the fish are coming through. I quickly get the rods back out, and another 75 yards and bamm! another fish on and it sticks and we now have three salmon in the box. We pick up and head back to the top of the run and begin our second pass and Bamm! agian another fish on screaming out line as I am getting the net ready I hear the words I don’t want to…..The fish is gone, Ugh! After that I could feel the electricity leave the boat, as no more fish on that pass. We were half way down on our thrid pass, everyone was very relaxed and you guessed it we were into another very nice fish as the fish was burning line off the reel at a rapid pace and we could not get him to stop, but finally he did and again the fish was gone Oh No I thought! After one more pass and no fish my guys were thinking about going home with three fish, I suggested one more pass and then we would call it a day. We set up on our final pass and wham! fish on and soon it was in the net and we were headed for home. A great day with two great guys with smiles on their faces. Thanks again guys!!! and thanks for fishing Gold Country SportfishingSacramento River King Salmon guides

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