Sacramento River Salmon 10-6-12

I took my dad out for a days fishing on the Sacramento River to see if we could catch a few Salmon. The day was a tough one, we made several passes and every pass was turning up empty when we were getting near the end of our day, my dads rod goes down and he is into his fish as I am trying to clear the other rods it appears the other rod goes down but I think it is just the fish being tangled with that line, so I pay no attention to it and I slide the net under my dads fish and am bringing in the other rod when from down ass far as I can see into the water another fish appears, so I hand the rod off to my dad and after a very short fight that fish makes its way into the net!. WOW we just stood  their amazed at what had just happened, we just had a double on river salmon. after that we called it a day and headed for home.I can not beleive that that fish was just swimming with lure lure in his moouth the whole time.Sacramento River Salmon

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