Don Pedro fishing trip 12-11-2012

It has been a couple of weeks since my last outing, and I have been wanting to get out , so I asked my dad if he was interested in going and he jumped at the invite. The morning was perfect no fog, no ice and it was supposed to be a great day. We had a full day of sun shine on us and the fishing was nothing short of fantastic! We started the day trolling just two rods and with the outcome two rods would be all that we could handle. The first area we worked was plugged full of fish and we could not go more than five minutes without a bite. The fish were on such a great bite that it was hard to believe fish could bite like this for such a long time. This was going to be just a catch and release day as neither of us wanted to keep any fish. I was first up with the first two fish of the day and after that it was on! non stop action! We only worked two areas of Don Pedro on this day and both produced great action. Now when I tell how many fish we landed you are probably not going to believe it, but it is the honest truth and I have no reason to say different and the reason I know how many fish we landed is because I have a counter in my boat. We landed 53 fish on the day, 52 of the fish were rainbows and we landed one bass and all the fish were released unharmed to fight another day. If you are interested in getting in on some great action like  this,get your trip booked today. Thanks Monte Smith Gold Country Sportfishing

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