Don Pedro fishing trip 2-2-2013

I had two great people a father and daughter (Ralph and Kathleen) out with me on February the 2nd at Don Pedro. The day was set up to be just a catch and release day, so that was fine with me. Now Ralph has been fishing with a couple of times before and wanted to bring his daughter Kathleen out for a days fishing. We got our start around the 8:00 O’clock hour and headed out. The first spot we fished did produce a few fish, however the action was not fast by any means, so after a while had passed we moved on in hopes of finding some more fish and we did. Like I said before the action was not fast, but at least this spot did produce enough fish to stay and work the area good. The day’s end was nine fish to the boat and they only lost two or three fish and we some other strikes that did not stick. We had mostly overcast skies throughout the day that kept out jackets on, but still a nice day on the water. Thanks you two and thanks for fishing Gold Country Sportfishing. Remember this day was a catch and release day so no photo… Sorry.

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