Don Pedro fishing trip 5-3-201`3

I had two guys nice guys on board with me at Don Pedro on Friday the 3rd of May. They basically wanted to see techniques on trout fishing and kokanee fishing. I started out trolling lures at a fast pace to locate the fish and after a short while with nothing, I was going to change lures when I popped it off the release, I instantly could tell that their was a fish on it, so after getting it to the boat I put the same lure back down and finally the catching started as the fish were pulling it off the releases. Then we switched things over to show then some kokanee techniques along with showing them how I fished with frozen shad. After a while and only a couple strikes we switched back over to fast trolling lures where we started catching fish again. Then when we got to the ninth fish they just couldn’t get that last fish in the boat and they had a couple of fish come off just beyond the reach of the net. That is why I call the last fish the devil- fish. Thanks again guys and thank you for fishing gold country sportfishing.
Don Pedro fishing

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