New Melones kokanee fishing trip 5-16-2013

I had return client Dave Ferreira and he brought along his son Dave Jr. and his wife Blanca. They wanted to catch kokanee so New Melones was the place to go. We launched out of Tuttle town and headed out. The morning we were greeted dark ominous clouds and we hoped that the rain would hold out until we completed the day. I set two rods out with shad in hopes of catching something much larger, and two rods rigged with kokanee gear. Well the kokanee gear was first to get hit and it stayed that way, as we had almost non stop action. Then one of the shad rods got hit and it went down, in hopes I grabbed the rod and I could feel that it felt like a pretty good fish, as I handed the rod off to Blanca she reeled it in but wasn’t what we were after, it was a kokanee. The wind started blowing and I was hoping we could finish off our limits before the wind came on two strong as we only needed three more fish, well it happened and they had there three limits of New Melones kokanee limits by 9;30 as we headed in and cleaned the fish, that’s when the rain started coming down as well. Another great day on the waters of New Melones. Thanks again everyone and Thank you for fishing  Gold Country Sportfishing.New Melones kokanee fishing guides

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