New Melones kokanee fishing 5-25-2013

I Had Marty and Leslie Moreno and their daughter Jeanette and her husband Larry Silveira onboard with me today at  New Melones to chase kokanee Salmon. We got an early start in anticipation with heavy boat traffic, and to my surprise it was never really bad at all. We started catching fish quickly and then it seemed to taper off with a strike here and their and then one of the rods got hit and was peeling line as Marty tried to gain some ground on this fish, then when it surfaced I was surprised to see a big beautiful  rainbow that looked to be three pounds at least as I slid in into the net. We had no shortage of strikes and we ended the day with 13 fish as we just couldn’t seem to get them in the boat. A great day on the waters of New Melones along with great people! Thanks again everyone. Monte Smith Gold Country Sportfishing.New Melones fishing guides

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