Striper fishing at Hogan on 6-28-2013

I had a father and son on onboard with me Chris and his dad Felix at Hogan to chase stripers. I knew it would be tough to beat the previous days fishing where my two clients boated 14 stripers. The morning started off with a good easterly breeze that I knew would lay down after a while. The first fish of the day came after about fifteen minutes of fishing, after netting the fish I noticed that I could not find the side plainer, I remember seeing it just before I netted the fish and then it was gone,, oh well I guess that one did not float. So I set out three rods on the down-riggers and one on the other plainer board. The day was a lot different from the previous day. We caught fish it just wasn’t as fast, but still a great day on the waters of Hogan. My two clients boated eight quality stripers and lost the last one of the day as we were calling it quits, we also missed a few opportunities.Thanks again you two and thanks for fishing Gold Country Sportfishing.Striper fishing photos

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