fishing Don Pedro with my dad 6-12-2014

I took my dad out fishing to Don Pedro for some kokanee fishing. I set out four rods and instantly we started getting bit, well the first fish was lost, but he finally started getting them to the boat and I was even getting in on the action, its been some time since I’ve been able to reel in some fish. We stayed with the school of fish and kept changing lures and we landed eight kokanee and lost four and had a couple missed opportunities, I wanted to see if we could maybe catch some nice rainbows, so I switched everything over and started setting lines and with only having three rods out the first rod was already bouncing, so my dad grabbed the rod and was fighting a nice fish, and after a good fight I was able to slide the this three-pound king salmon into the net, then not even another 50 yards he was into another nice fish that turned out to be a 20 inch rainbow that we let go, and soon we settled for a smaller rainbow and we called it a day at noon, we had eight kokanee one king salmon and one rainbow that we kept. A great day fishing with my dad.


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