Don Pedro fishing trip 2-16-2015

I had three great guys at Don Pedro on Monday the 16th of February. The day was suppose to be around 70 degrees and I know it was at least that. The day could not have been any nicer. We hit our first spot on the lake and as soon as I got our two rods fishing, we didn’t go 75 feet and wham! fish on and soon it was off, I reset the rod and another 50 feet again wham fish on! and almost to the boat it was gone. well that was it for a short while and finally we landed one, the action just wasn’t good enough to stay in the area, so we moved on and a half mile away we had another strike. I decided to make a major move, so we picked up and moved about three miles, I changed some tactics and it wasn’t long before we finally started catching some fish. They ended the day with 11 rainbows in the cooler and they lost 6 fish. A great day on the waters of Don Pedro.


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