Big fishing group on Saturday the 21st of February 2015 @ Don Pedro

I had return clients Po Wang his family and friends for a total of seven people on Saturday the 21st @ Don Pedro. I arrived at the lake to only find socked in fog. They called me and said that they were running late and I told them that that was fine because of the heavy fog. When they arrived the fog had lifted to good visibility, so I launched the boat got everyone onboard and a way we went. I set out our rods and it wasn’t long and we began  catching fish. The day was cold and foggy, we never did see the sun, but I had the top up along with the side curtains and that made it much warmer. We fished until just before 2:oo and they landed 12 rainbows and lost three others with a few missed hits. The fish on this day were hitting vey lightly and some times it was difficult to detect a bite. Still a great day on the waters of Don Pedro with great people.

Gold Country Sportfishing

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