A great day fishing @ Don Pedro 2-24-2015

I had four great people onboard with me on Tuesday the 24th of February at Don Pedro. The morning was supposed to be pretty cold, we met at the lake at 7:30 and I set up the boat with the top and side curtains. We launched the boat and headed out to our first spot and with not one strike we picked things up and headed out to another. I started setting out rods and I couldn’t even get the third rod out and one of the rods was already bouncing and the first fish of the day was on its way to the net.  I was able to get all four rods fishing and we settled in a nice pattern of catching fish. The day was a great sunny day with a slight breeze. We called it a day about 2:20 and headed in with fifteen nice rainbows from the waters of Don Pedro along with a few missed opportunities. A great day with great people. Thanks again! Don Pedro lake

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