Hogan Stripers 5-7-2015

I had six great guys at Hogan on Thursday the 7th of May. The day was in question as far as the weather goes as we all new that it was going to be cloudy, rainy and maybe windy, oh and lighting. When we all met up at the lake it was thunder and lightning, but no wind so we pushed off from the dock and started fishing, as I set all four rods it was only a few minutes and we had a triple hook-up and we landed two stripers and a catfish, then it started raining, but it wasn’t bad. The fish continued to bite and we were putting fish in the boat with a missed opportunity here and there and a noon the wind made an appearance and only became stronger and stronger and we put our final fish of the day in the boat as the real wind showed its teeth with a vengeance and everyone decided  to call it quits as it was a smart thing to do. They ended up with eight stripers and catfish. A great bunch of guys thanks again everyone!!!

Hogan striper fishing


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