Don Pedro kokanee, kings and rainbows 5-19-2015

I had new clients Dennis Sparks and Jim Davis at Don Pedro on May the 19th. It didn’t matter what they caught just as long as they caught fish. I put out three rods for kokanee and one with shad for a king.  The rod with the shad was hit a few times and did catch a king and a rainbow. The kokanee seemed to be really scattered and one has to work to find them. The highlight of the day was when Dennis caught a king salmon well over three pounds. Jim did loose three kokanee in a row. I switched over to run my lures when we only needed three more fish for our limits and with 15 minutes we had caught four rainbows and we cut the fourth one loose as we had our limits for the day. They ended the day with two kokanee, three kings and five rainbows from the waters of Don Pedro. Thanks again guys.

Don Pedro fishing guides


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