Outstanding day at Hogan reservoir for stripers June 5th 2015

I had return clients Ed and Bat  at Hogan for stripers on June the 5th. The day started out tough before we even got going as I was hooking up my boat in the morning getting ready to leave I noticed that one of my tires on the boat trailer was very low, so after looking into why, I found a screw in the tire, so I broke out the jack and began changing a tire at 4:30 in the morning, just what I wanted to do!. After getting it changed and getting on the road I was only about ten minutes late getting to the lake. We met up and we started our day of fishing or should I say catching. The day was just a great day and we had some great action also. They started putting fish in the boat and then we would have plenty of strikes throughout the day where the fish would hit the bait but just would not get the hooks solid in their mouth. Finally the fish seemed to settle down and the ice chest really started filling up. We did have a double and they thought that was exciting, but then later we a triple hook up and they landed them all. One of the guys landed three small fish and we let them go and I will not say who it was but they did end the day with 15 quality stripers from the waters of Hogan reservoir. High fives and knuckles were going around the boat after having a great day of catching on the water with two great guys.  Thanks again guys!!!!

Hogan stripers

Hogan stripers

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