Don Pedro kokanee 6-23-2015

New client Jeff Lindly brought along his son in-law Ronnie and soon to be son in-law out for a day s fishing on June the 23rd at Don Pedro. I was to pick them up from their houseboat that they were on. I launched the boat and soon headed out into middle bay where I picked them up at 6:20. We soon headed out to the fishing grounds where I set out four rods for kokanee and about 20 minutes into the trip the rod on Ronnie’s side of the boat started bouncing and soon we had our first fish of the day in the boat, and Ronnie’s side of the boat was the better side until I changed Jeff’s side of the boat to the same setup and now jeff had the lucky rod. The day was filled full of laughter and lots of ribbing and joking about fish being lost. We had three limits of fish by 11:30 that consisted of 11 kokanee and four king salmon from the waters of Don Pedro. We then went back to their houseboat where I cleaned the fish for them. I had a great time guys thanks again!!!

fishing Don Pedro

Don Pedro

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