King Salmon on the Sacramento River 11-11-15

I had return client Matt Becker and his dad Don on Veterans day on the Sac river for hopefully a days catching King Salmon. The morning was very cool about 37 degrees and I was hoping for no fog. We had just a hint of fog, however thankfully it never developed. We launched the boat and started fishing, I explained what to do when a fish was hooked up as all the remaining rods have to be pulled in out-of-the-way, well I set the first rod and was setting the second back rod and as I was waiting for the weight to hit the bottom a second time felt a hard tug and I set the hook the and handed the rod off to matt, he fought the fish perfectly and we soon had a nice king in the boat, that’s how I like to start the morning, not even five minutes into our day. We took a couple quick photos and this time I was able to set all the rods fishing after a pass we went back to the top of our run and started again, this time half way down I was pouring a cup of coffee and all I heard was FISH ON! Matt and I quickly went into action clearing the rods for Don and soon we had another nice king in the boat. After a couple more passes with nothing we continued further down river in hopes of finding another fish. I was going to start to pull the lures to change with fresh baited lures and after getting the first back rod set it started pumping and Don was into his second fish of the day. Now Don was done with his limit and it was Matt’s turn, we tried and tried, however it never happened. A great day on the water with two great guys. Thanks again you two!!!

Sac river King Salmon

Sac river king salmon

Sac river king salmon

Sac river king salmon

Sac river king salmon

Sac River king salmon

Ssac river king salmon

Sac river king salmon

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