Don Pedro fishing trip 4-16-2016

I had return clients Harry Moitozo  and Mike Abourek, these two have fished with me for years, but with there own friends ,so I put these two guys together for a days trip on Saturday the 16th of April. Since the water had cooled down I brought my lead-core rods along. I set those out and in no time we had our first strike, but that’s all it was. We continued on and we started catching bass as we were in a new location where the water was warmer. The two had fun catching and releasing bass. we tried many different areas in search of trout. Later on we switched over to try our luck for kokanee getting a few strikes and finally landing a single 14 inch koke. After some time and not much happening I switched back over to trout and we found some fish that would bite and the two ended the day with five rainbows, a kokanee and four bass. The day turned to be a great day on the waters of Don Pedro with two great guys. Thanks again. Harry Moitozo not pictured was camera shy

Don Pedro photos

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