Fishing Don Pedro 4-23-2016

I had three great guys Todd, Jordan and Larry on Saturday the 23rd of April.  at Don Pedro.The weather was cool first thing. We launched the boat and headed out. I set out just two lead-core rods since the water temps had cooled down. Now these guys were bass guys looking to see if they could catch any fish in Don Pedro since they had not been to successful in recent tries, I figured we could would catch some trout. It wasn’t five minutes and the star board side rods was pumping  backing and forth, it turned out to be a bass, these guys could not believe that we caught bass out in open water, well that’s the way it went for a while. They had a good time catching and releasing bass. Finally after some time searching we started catching and releasing trout. These guys did not want to keep any fish and that was just fine with me. We spent the day laughing and telling some great stories and catching lots of fish that lived to swim another day. A great day with some great guys. Thanks again everyone.

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