Don Pedro kokanee 7-8-2016

Return client Kevin brought along his daughter Madeline for a day’s fishing at Don Pedro on July the 8th. We started out fishing for rainbows as that’s what Kevin wanted to try for and I figured the bite would be okay. Well after several hours of only a couple strikes, we made the decision to switch things over and try for some kokanee as it couldn’t get any worse, so I switched things over and had one rod set and as I was setting the second rod the first rod was bouncing and kevin was reeling in the first fish of the day, however the kokanee came off a short distance from the boat, after working the area for a while we did boat a nice rainbow and after more of nothing I picked things up and headed for new water. I set out the four rods and we started seeing some returns on the sonar and we started getting bit and after working the area for a few fish we called it a day at 2:00 o’clock with three nice kokanee and a rainbow trout for our efforts on the day. A slow day turned into an okay day, just wish we could have found the fish a little earlier. Thanks again you two!



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