King Salmon aat Don Pedro 6-30-2016

I took Dan Bacher from the fish sniffer magazine and my daughter  Taylor to Don Pedro on June 30th. We set out to fish for kokanee on this day and to get a story on the lake. Things were tough and with only one strike for a few hours and we were not marking anything. I made the decision to switch things over and try for trout. We worked a few areas for a couple of hours for nothing and then I made a move to a new area and still nothing we kept moving and finally my daughter hollered dad the back port side rod went off and we were into a fish, we just didn’t know how big it was, but very quickly we did as it was burning line off the shimano Calcutta reel and after the fish made some good runs and putting the phenix reaper rod to the test, the fish made an appearance behind the boat and WOW this was a very nice fish and I was able to slide the net under the fish. It turned out to be a five-pound two ounce king salmon, after snapping several pictures we started fishing again and soon something big hit the same rod as it shook the whole rod, however it came up empty, a short time later we landed a smaller rainbow, we then decided to call it a day and just before that we landed  a very nice rainbow trout that measure 18 inches and weighed two and a half pounds. A slow day but a good day with some very nice fish from the waters of Don Pedro.




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