Don Pedro King Salmon 7-13-2016

New Clients Bill Mecedo and his wife Linda were onboard with me on July the 13th at Don Pedro. We were setting out to catch kokanee and maybe a king salmon. The day started out with a quick kokanee, but the fishing was slow as we  kept moving looking for fish, then around 8:15 I had a favorite setup of mine that will catch kokanee and it has caught many king salmon, the rod was set at 100 feet deep and I had my back to the rod and I could literally hear the rod get pounded off the release, so Bill grabbed the rod and started reeling and I could see that this was not a kokanee as it was taking lots of line, I slowed the boat and I cleared all the other rods out of the water and let bill fight this fish, after a few good runs the fish made an appearance along the side the boat and was able to slide the big fish into the net that nearly filled the kokanee net. The fish weighed six and a half pounds. We ended the day with three kokanee and the single big king for the day. A great couple to fish with. Thanks again you two a great day on the water of Don Pedro.


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