Sacramento River King Salmon 11-12-2016

Nnew client John Thompson and his son Jack were onboard with me on Saturday November 12th. The morning started out with instructions on what to expect when we get a fish on an also how to get the other rods cleared.Things started out slow asthe first pass produced nothing, then as we were half way through our second pass we had the starboard side got hit hard so jack was able to get the rod out of the holder and he began to fight the fish and after a good fight i was able to slid the fish into the net. Then things went quite for a while and on one pass we had two strikes within 50 yards of each other, however they didnt stick. Asb the day was getting late we had another strike and this time the fish got the hooks and John grabbed the rod and was fighting the fish and then he said he didnt feel anything so i told hiim to keep reeling and the fish was their and as i was grabbing the net i heard the words no one wants to hear, its gone!. The hook fell out of the fishes mouth for some stange reason, evidently it just was hooked well enough. That was it for the day. we called it a day, at least we was able to get one nice king salmon from the Sacramento River. A good day with two great people. Thaks again guys


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