Sacramento River King Salmon 11-16-2016

New Clients Bert and Dave fished with me on November the 16th. The morning was very cool to start and I explained to them  both of what to do when we had a fish on and how to clear the other rods. After a pass with nothing, the port side rod was hit and Dave grabbed the rod while Bert and I cleared the other rods, unfortunately the fish was lost UGH!. We were having a great time laughing and joking throughout the day and finally the back starboard side got hit as I was standing next to it, so I grabbed the rod and handed it off to Bert and soon Bert had a king salmon in the cooler, so we picked up and headed back to the beginning of the run and on that next pass the port side rod was hit and Dave was in to another fish and this time he was able to land this one, we did have another strike that didn’t stick. We called it a day at 2:00 with two king salmon from the Sacramento River with two great guys. Thanks again guys





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