Don Pedro rainbows and a king 4-2-2017

New clients Arthur Thomas and his family were onboard with me at Don Pedro on Sunday April 2nd. It had been a few weeks since i had last fished Don Pedro and I  recieved some encouraging news on the fishing conditions. I set out four rods on the downriggers and started trolling and found nothing after about a half hour, so i reeled them in and set out two rods with lead-core and one on the rigger. The first fish came on the downrigger and then one of the lead-core rods got hammered and we had a couple nice fish in the boat, the day was not all i thought it would be. We found an area that had some fish and we got a few of them to bite, after boating four nice rainbows and loosing one and a couple other strikes that didnt stick we finally moved on in search of new fish. Then about noon the back downrigger rod went down and as i grabbed the rod handing it off, the fish felt like it was a good one, Taylor was reeling the fish in and when it got close enough to see, i could tell it was a king salmon. We ened the day around 1:30 and as I was putting rods away the last rod out got hit and it turned out to be a small mouth bass. The day turned out okay, just thought we would have had more action. Thanks again everyone.




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