Don Pedro rainbows 4-21-2017

I had a Cal Kellogg trip at Don Pedro with three anglers on Friday the 21st of April. The five of us met at the lake at 7:00 A.M. and headed out. I set out six rods fishing, yes I said six, now this is somewhat of a challenge, but i was trying to cover all the depths possible. Two on side plainers and four on the down riggers. After about 45 minutes one of the downriggers rods got hammered and Daniel was the first angler chosen to go first, and as he was fighting his fish we could tell that it was a really nice fish as it made several jumps, and soon i netted the big rainbow. We kept moving and looking for fish as they seemed to be scattered and finally i found and area that was holding some fish and throughout the day the guys took turns reeling in fish and Read also caught a big rainbow basically the same size as Daniels fish, it looked like its twin and by the end of the day they had landed 8 quality rainbows from the waters of Don Pedro. Only one fish was lost on the day just behind the boat. When we were done for the day Cal had brought along a rod for everyone to take home and Daniel won the big fish award and took home a very nice reel. Cal also brought along a goody bag for the guys also. A great day on the water with four great guys. Thanks again everyone!! Look for the story in the fish sniffer soon.



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