Don Pedro Rainbows 4-22-2017

New clients Ralph and Paul were onboard with me at Don Pedro Saturday the 22nd of April. These two guys wanted to catch king salmon and generally this time of year the fishing for kings can be really good. We met at the lake at 6:00 A.M. and headed out in search of. I set out four rods rigged with shad at various depths and as I was explaining on what to look for, we actually marked a couple of fish on the sonar and boom we had a good bite on one of the rods, however the fish was able to get the shad off the hook without getting the hooks. We continued on and kept searching and we covered a lot of water. We didn’t mark very many fish at all and the ones we did they were extremely deep and wanted nothing to do with our baits. After over three hours of nothing I told the guys that if they wanted we could switch things over and hopefully catch some trout and they were good with that. So after a few minutes I had everything ready for trout and as soon as I had all four rods fishing it wasn’t five minutes and Paul was into the first trout of the day and a few minutes later Ralph was reeling in his first fish. Now these first two trout were of descent size, but what happened next as it was Paul’s turn again one of the back rods went off and started taking line and as Paul was trying to reel the fish in it just kept taking  line and as it got closer to the boat it really starting peeling line off the reel and I thought maybe we had a really nice king on but as it showed itself I could see that it was a really nice rainbow and after some good runs I was able to net the big fish, after a couple high fives and some photos were back fishing again, as I was telling a story we noticed one of the side rods came out of the clip so Ralph grabbed the rod and began reeling and we could tell that this was another big rainbow, now this fish was just not giving up as it continued to keep diving and making some good runs as it was alongside the boat, but out of reach of the net, we were wow! look at the size of this fish. Finally I was able to net the big fish, this fish was even bigger than Paul’s fish. Now after this some weather front started coming in and a breeze came up and this seemed to shut the bite down. We ended the day with one more fat rainbow from the waters of Don Pedro. Thanks again guys and thanks for choosing Gold Country Sportfishing.




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